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08 Jan 2021

7 Critical Communications Technology Trends 2021 | Tactical, Public Safety and Industry

SAVOX Communications CTO Sami Paihonen shares his trend predictions for the tactical, public safety and industry in 2021.   

01 Dec 2020

Enhance Situational Awareness In Mission Critical Operations

Situational awareness is important for effective decision making and performance in any complex and dynamic environment. The...

22 Oct 2020

Preparing for Search and Rescue Operations

Preparedness is the key for a successful search and rescue (SAR) operation. SAR missions are generally a fight...

22 Sep 2020

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Is the Most Common Occupational Disease

Noise-induced hearing damage continues to be the most common occupational disease among working-age people. It is up to...

11 Sep 2020

Savox & Dräger Work Together to Give Emergency Responders a Voice

Dräger is an international corporation that has worked with medical and safety technology since 1889. Their solutions are...

23 Jul 2020

Hearing Protection for Public Safety Officers Bigger Need than Realized

Public safety officers are exposed to various types of noises throughout their careers, which can lead to noise induced...

20 Jul 2020

Importance of Tactical Hearing Protection in the Military

Noise induced hearing loss is the main injury suffered by military personnel due to exposure to high-level noises. Tactical...

29 May 2020

Which PPE offers better protection face mask or face shield?

Governments and businesses in the US and several other countries have decided to make face protection such as face masks...

22 Apr 2020


Hygiene is particularly important during the coronavirus epidemic. We want to make every effort to meet the increased...

17 Apr 2020

Certified face shields offer the best protection

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has left an enormous shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). The...