07 Sep 2022

Savox participated in the Combat Engineers' event 2022

Savox participated in the Combat Engineers' event 2022 organized by the Finnish Defense Forces on the 31st Of August. Savox presented the latest and essential team communications products to the Finnish Defense Forces and international guests.

"Savox's products aroused interest among the Combat Engineers, and the use of team communication in the Combat Engineers' diverse field of action was recognized. There is a need among the Engineering troops to which Savox as a leading Finnish team communications company can respond. For example, our combat engineers can benefit from using Savox team communication equipment in tasks such as mine laying, countermining, and CBR-defense. Our joint presentation with Patria got special thanks from the organizers, and our presentation booth had a lively international atmosphere,'' said Antti Pajari, our Military Advisor, and Former Head of the Army Research Center.

About Savox

Savox Communications is a global provider of communication solutions for safety and security, tactical and defense and industrial markets. Savox core mission is to save lives, protect people and property by providing the best communication technology solutions for professionals working in demanding environments.

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