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22 Oct 2021

NEW Products: Tactical Communications Products Insights by Savox Expert

Our Savox engineers work with perseverance and innovation to develop products that withstand every environment and keep...

02 Sep 2021

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Tactical Hearing Protection

All military personnel will be exposed to loud sounds at some point of their career. They’re also exposed to some of the...

15 Apr 2020

Savox TRICS | Versatile Communications Controller

Savox TRICS® is a versatile communication controller for radios, phones and intercoms. This communication solution for the...

03 Apr 2020

Additional cleaning of Savox Accessories

SAVOX recommends that users cleanse the products with a damp sponge or soft brush and diluted dishwashing liquid before and...

07 May 2019

Further IP Classification for Savox accessories

Savox Accessories have been designed and manufactured for rugged use and demanding environments. The products have always...

15 Jan 2019

introducing Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com Headset

Earlier we introduced you Savox HC-100 Helmet-Com headset, now we are happy to introduce yet another addition to our...

29 Nov 2018

Introducing Savox HC-100 Helmet-Com Headset

We are happy to introduce the latest addition to our best-selling Helmet-Com series: Savox HC-100 Helmet-Com Headset. This...

08 Mar 2018

Special Forces Communication Gear Challenges and Our Helping Solution

In our previously published blog we discussed the common challenges Special Forces face these days due to rapidly changing...

07 Mar 2018

Savox TRICS® - The Special Forces Communications Solution

26 Jan 2018

The Big Red PTT Button is Dead, Long Live the Big Red PTT Button

A new year and a new Era has started! The Big Red Button is dead! The iconic Savox C-C400 Big Red PTT button is no longer...