15 Jan 2019

introducing Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com Headset


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Earlier we introduced you Savox HC-100 Helmet-Com headset, now we are happy to introduce yet another addition to our Accessory portfolio: Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com Headset. This dual microphone headset was also designed keeping in mind the various communication needs of fire fighters and other emergency services personnel who need to wear a helmet in their job.

HC-200 with short boom microphoneJust like HC-100 Helmet-Com follows in the footsteps of our widely recognized HC-1 Helmet-Com headset, HC-200 Helmet-Com is an evolution of Savox HC-2 Helmet-Com headset. The additional modularity of Savox HC-200 gives more user options and also excellent audio performance in noisy environments like on a scene of a traffic accident.

Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com comes with an in-built bone conduction microphone. In addition, the user can choose to use a short of a long boom microphone. Whenever the boom microphone is not in use, it can be rotated to its park position and the bone microphone activates. Savox HC-200 can be combined with all Savox Classic Remote Speaker Microphones and Push to Talks.

Microphone options for Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com Headset:

  • In-Built Bone Microphone
  • Boom Microphone
  • Short Boom Microphone

Please click here to read more about Savox HC-200 Helmet-Com Headset.


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