07 May 2019

Further IP Classification for Savox accessories


Savox Accessories have been designed and manufactured for rugged use and demanding environments. The products have always been created keeping in mind their the specific requirements of their use environment and the ingress protection (IP) class has been specified and certified accordingly.

Now certain Savox accessories have been further tested and certified and they have obtained an additional IP classification. As the biggest threat to fire fighter´s equipment is often water damage, Savox C-C550 and Savox XG C-C1 Remote Speaker Microphones and Savox C-C440 and Savox XG PTT-1 Push-To-Talks have now been further certified against strong waterjet damage.

In addition to the previous classification of IP67, all these accessories now also hold the IP classification of IP66. This classification means the enclosure is protected from water splash or jet from any direction. This classification is also often required in many purchase specifications and this further testing helps these rugged Savox accessories to meet the requirements. 

To see more on Savox XG C-C1 and how it was tested,, please check the environmental testing video: 


EDIT.Please note that these accessories are still IP67 which is a higher IP class. IP66 is an additional IP class which was tested to meet the specific requirements of fire fighters who often  have to deal with waterjet damage rather than water submersion.


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