22 Oct 2021

NEW Products: Tactical Communications Products Insights by Savox Expert

Our Savox engineers work with perseverance and innovation to develop products that withstand every environment and keep users safe with tactical communications. SAVOX TRICS Lite communications controller and SAVOX Noise-COM 100 in-ear hearing protection headset are the newest additions to the Savox tactical product families. These products complete any communications system and bring situational awareness to the maximum.

We interviewed Mikko Blomqvist, Savox Offering Vice President, to explain more about these products, their functionalities and their development process.

What is the TRICS Lite Communications Controller?

TRICS lite is a communications controller for two radios or two channels. It has been designed for tactical teams such as military units, and special police forces to ease their team’s daily communication. The unit is used in primarily in tactical operations where one must be able to communicate through speech within the team and to the command center.

We’ve had TRICS on the market for already quite some time, TRICS Lite is designed for users that don’t require as many functions that the TRICS has to offer or do not need as many radios attached.

Savox TRICS Lite and Noise-COM 100

Why was this product developed?

Before SAVOX TRICS Lite we had presented SAVOX TRICS tactical radio and communications controller to the market. SAVOX TRICS is a high-end communications controller that can operate up to four radios and has multiple system functionalities. TRICS Lite is designed for users that don’t require as many functions that the TRICS has to offer or do not need as many radios attached.

What are the main differences between TRICS and TRICS Lite?

Both communication controllers are durable and rugged and easy to operate. The main differences are in their functionalities. TRICS Lite is used with two radios, whereas SAVOX TRICS can be used with four radios. TRICS has a Bluetooth feature and TRICS Lite does not, however both have the ability to be connected to a wireless push-to-talk device. The TRICS Lite also does not have an internal speaker, which means it does not have the RSM feature. TRICS Lite uses the connected radio as a power source, which is convenient in situations where the user is unable to charge the device.

How is SAVOX TRICS Lite used?

The TRICS Lite is usually used so that the communications controller is placed on the chest, for example by attaching it to a combat vest. On the top of the device, you connect the headset, our headsets are the SAVOX Noise-COM 200 and Noise-COM 100, which is our new product. These headsets are designed to protect hearing while enabling communications through the level dependent feature. On the bottom of the device is the radio connector, where you can include two radios simultaneously.

Usage of the device is very intuitive. We’ve included two large sized push-to-talk buttons on each side of the device for easy command. In addition, there’s an accessible volume buttons for the user to find themselves the perfect volume levels. These buttons are also used to control the level dependent feature of the SAVOX Noise-COM 100 tactical hearing protection headset when connected.

What is the SAVOX Noise-COM 100?

When we developed the TRICS Lite we simultaneously developed an in-ear headset the SAVOX Noise-COM 100. It is an addition to our Noise-COM hearing protection headsets product family. The SAVOX Noise-COM 100 is an earplug type of headset that is inserted into the ear canal. It offers users a discreet form of hearing protection due to its small size and lightweight structure. Its small and convenient size also makes it easy to carry and does not restrict any other types of gear, which could be considered as an advantage compared to its predecessor the SAVOX Noise-COM 200.

The headset offers level dependent feature, which allows the user to hear sounds in the environment while blocking out loud and harmful noises. The level dependent feature is activated by SAVOX TRICS Lite. The controller’s electronics cuts out loud sounds in a blink of an eye making it safe to for example fire a firearm without fearing hearing loss.

Savox Noise-COM 100 in-ear headset

What was the product development process like?

The product development process overall has been extremely interesting. We’ve done a lot of mechanics, hardware and software designing. We’ve also had several field tests and received great feedback from our customers.

At Savox we perform very extensive product testing, including usage and environmental tests before products are released to the market. The SAVOX TRICS Lite and Noise-COM 100 has been tested comprehensively according to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 on the electromagnetic side.

These field tests include testing the product in various temperatures from extreme heat to freezing cold, different types of drop tests, case protection, just to name a few. The purpose in general is to ensure the device can endure various climates and utilization.

What is the future like for SAVOX TRICS and Noise-COM Product Families?

We’re expecting the market need to increase for tactical communications controllers and hearing protectors during the next upcoming years. For example, protection of hearing is an increasing priority among public safety officers such as the police and firefighters.

Savox TRICS and Noise-COM Products

The product development does not stop here. These products have the ability to have additional functions included. We have already included new features within our product roadmap, one of which is active noise cancelling.


We're always developing our product families. Read more about our TRICS and Noise-COM product families: intuitive communications control combined with superior hearing protection.

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