07 Mar 2018

Savox TRICS® - The Special Forces Communications Solution

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our product portfolio: the Savox TRICS® - Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller System. We are launching this new communication solution for Special Forces at Enforce Tac event in Nürnbeg in Germany this week.

TRICS image.jpg

This new communications solution for Armed Forces, Police, Civil Defence, Customs and Border Guard Special Forces is closely designed together with the end users, packed with unique features, aimed at meeting the main communication challenges regarding Special Forces Communications gear, and filled with the strong heritage of our over 36 years of know-how of producing game changing communication solutions for the front line users.

Stay tuned, in our next blog we´ll discuss how the Savox TRICS® helps with the various communication challenges special forces have. 

For more information on TRICS®, please check here or contact our sales.

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