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07 Dec 2017

4 Things You Didn't Know Could Be Combined With PoC Audio Accessories

We are happy to introduce the latest addition to the Savox Promate product family. The all new The Savox Promate BT COM is a...

28 Nov 2017

Promate BT COM - versatile and professional PTT with Android support

The Savox Promate BT COM is a wireless Push-to-Talk device that is the perfect accessory for your professional LTE, PoC,...

31 Oct 2017

Happy to Introduce the New Savox Promate Lite COM, Push-To-Talk Device

The Savox Promate offering is expanding yet again. Now we are introducing the new push-to-talk unit for professional users,...

14 Jun 2017

Important Information for Savox Entrylink Users: Entrylink Compatibility for Windows 8/10

Windows upgrades have resulted into older video capture hardware/software issues for EntryLink as the system will not work...

16 Nov 2016

How to Choose a Remote Speaker Microphone for Fire Operations

Reliable radio communication during fire operations is vital to ensuring the safety of rescue personnel and enables the work...

03 Nov 2016

Analog vs Digital Radio Accessories: 7 Things You Need to Know

What’s right for you?

26 Oct 2016

3 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Radio Accessory

Need help deciding what kind of radio accessories to you need? Follow these three easy steps:

21 Sep 2016

Choosing the Right Covert Audio Accessories

How do you make sure you’re choosing the best possible covert accessories for your operations? Here are key questions you...

14 Sep 2016

Ensure Successful Installation of PoC Solutions For Your Truck Fleet

You’ve spent many hours researching, selecting, negotiating, testing and purchasing not only the right mobile devices...

24 Aug 2016

Connect Your Icom Radio to XG C-C1 Dual Remote Speaker Microphone/PTT

Icom Connectivity for XG C-C1 Dual RSM/PTT XG C-C1 connectivity to Icom multipin iDAS F series radios - F3261D, F4261D,...