24 Oct 2022

Savox supporting the Canadian USAR team deployed to Ukraine

The Central Zone Search & Rescue, Canadian International Rescue Organization, (USAR) team, was deployed to Ukraine in April and September of 2022 to support and train local rescue teams in their efforts to save lives. The team is part of the Canadian International Rescue Organization, CIRO, https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/ciro-canadian-international-rescue-organization/ CIRO is an established rescue team and a long-time Savox customer and end user of the Savox Hardline, SearchCam and Delsar systems.

While in Ukraine, the team was successfully deployed and provided training to several local rescue teams that faced nation widespread disasters caused by the ongoing war. The team also decided to leave some of their USAR equipment with the local rescue teams when they returned home, to support the CIRO team in their efforts, Savox has donated a replacement (Savox Delsar Life Detector System).

The team was working in Kharkiv, close to the front line where the fighting was taking place. The team is planning another deployment early in 2023 and Savox is looking forward to supporting the team in their continuous effort to help the people of Ukraine in these troubling times.

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