14 Jun 2021

What Distributors Need to Know When Selling Hearing Protection Headsets

Distributors responsibility is far more than just delivering a product to the market. A distributor's main responsibility is to ensure the product is safe and reliable. There are several items to consider before and after sell when it comes to hearing protection headsets.

Distributor definition
Distributor refers to a company that sells a product that has been manufactured in a specific market or already exists in that market. Distributors include retailers and wholesalers, along with commercial sellers of used goods.

The distributor is considered to be the manufacturer if the distributor,

  • places a product on the market under its name or a trademark
  • alters a product that has already been placed on the market in a manner that may affect the compliance with the applicable requirements.

Distributors Obligations for Selling Hearing Protection Headsets:

Before Sell: Check Markings and Documents for Hearing Protectors

A distributors main responsibility when bringing a product to the market is making sure the product is safe, which can be done by checking markings and official documentation. What these documentations are for hearing protectors will vary depending on the technical abilities and purposes of the product. However, these markings and documents are usually standard:

  • CE marking
  • Product labeling
  • Operating instructions
  • EU Declaration of Conformity
Remember to request these from the manufacturer. If they are unable to provide the documentation, they could be considered unreliable or even fake.

After sell: Distributors Obligations After Sale

The distributor must keep identifying information of both the companies that have supplied the distributor products and the companies to whom the distributor has delivered the products for at least 10 years after the product is sold. The distributor must co-operate with the market surveillance authority.


Choose an Established Hearing Protection Manufacturer

In order for all the above-mentioned obligations to be completed the distributor needs these information items from the manufacturer. A reliable hearing protection manufacturer is established in their field and provides recognizable and effective products. When looking into a hearing protection manufacturer it’s beneficial to look into the company itself. Enquire about their manufacturing facilities and are their operations certified in addition to their products.


Professional Hearing Protectors Manufactured and Designed with Expertise

Savox is a hearing protector manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and developing reliable and comfortable hearing protectors for industrial, military and free-time needs. Savox hearing protector product families include passive earmuffs, electronic hearing protectors and protective visors.

A wide range of internationally tested and certified products. All hearing protectors are made in Finland, CE-certified and tested according to the EN 352 and ANSI S3.19-1974 standards. Savox operations are also ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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