07 Jun 2016

Notes from the Field:TEEX Technical Search & Rescue Training Program

On behalf of Savox, I was recently asked to attend and support trainings held by theTexas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).  TEEX, by the way, is home to some of the world's top training facilities and is a leader in delivering emergency response, homeland security, and workforce training and exercises.


This particular TEEX class was held in Little Rock, Arkansas for 25 search and rescue technicians belonging to Arkansas Task Force 1. The instructor-led and hands-on Technical Search Specialist Program training class was delivered by four USAR technical search specialists from TEEX.  The program is comprised of three  Core Modules:1) Listening Search Equipment, 2) Visual Devices, and 3) Search Equipment and Navigation in a Disaster Scene. Savox products taught and used for hands-on training were the Delsar Acoustic Listening Device, SearchCam 3000 and Recon III SearchCam.

Over the course of three days students spent a total of one day on each Module. The Arkansas-based SAR technicians were introduced to the concepts of using the equipment through real examples and then proceeded out to the field where rubble piles and building structures were used to demonstrate how to operate the equipment.  See below for some photos that were taken during the training sessions.



Search and rescue technicians practice Delsar listening techniques.


Heading out to the field to work with the SearchCam 3000 and Recon III.


Refining USAR techniques learned in the classroom by setting up Delsar sensors to listen for survivors.


More confined space training.  USAR teams need ongoing training in order to prepare for emergency situations.


The 25 members of the Arkansas Task Force 1 were transported in style!

Ongoing technical rescue training in realistic settings by qualified instructors is an essential skill for our search and rescue teams.  Let us know if you'd like support for any of your training days and if possible, we'd be happy to assist. 

And don't forget, Savox has a Void Orientation Guide that's available for free download.  You can get it here.

Signing off until next time.  Stay tuned for my next blog concerning Questions to Ask When Selecting Rescue Equipment.



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