17 Apr 2020

Certified face shields offer the best protection

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has left an enormous shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). The European Commission has agreed to make freely available the standards needed for companies to be able to produce masks and other protective equipment.

Therefore, companies with various backgrounds and from various industries are now able to enter the market to manufacture 3D-printed masks and face shields, for instance, to maximize the availability of PPE.

Certifications Important with Face Shield Development

While this development is inevitable to cover the shortage in this state of emergency, the role of regulations, certifications and expertise should not be underestimated. There are various companies specialized in PPE who already possess the knowledge and capabilities to manufacture equipment according to regulations and standards and guarantee high quality.

The Regulation for PPE implies product safety requirements to protect the health and safety of users. According to the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, examined and accepted PPE can be recognized by its CE marking and each product’s own standard number. The CE mark declares that the PPE equipment is in accordance with all the legal requirements of the EU market.

Quality Certifications essential for Savox

Quality certifications are an essential way for Savox to demonstrate our dedication to high quality and minimize the risk our customers take when they choose Savox products and services. Silenta, as part of Savox Communications Group, has 50 years of experience in manufacturing and developing reliable and comfortable protectors across multiple industries. Consequently, we are very familiar with the standardization and regulations related to PPE and understand the quality requirements of the healthcare sector.

We are convinced that tested and certified PPE always offer the best possible protection. For instance, our Silenta XM4 face shield is designed to meet the requirements of EU Type-Examination Certificate (EU) 2016/425 and tested by standard EN 166:2002.

In order guarantee the best quality for our PPE, our standard products:

  • fulfill the requirements of PPE regulations (EU) 2016/425,
  • are CE-marked according to EU regulations, and
  • include user guides in the target market language. This means the user knows how to use the product correctly, how to clean it and how to wear it in a hygienic manner.

Our aim is to achieve high customer satisfaction, and we constantly develop our products, manufacturing methods, systems and operations in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Demand for Personal PROTECTIVE Equipment is Obvious

The pandemic effects on PPE demand are obvious, and we want to make every effort to meet the increased needs of critical user groups. In order to respond to this rapid increase in demand, Savox has evaluated its means to expand production capacity. Based on our expertise in PPE, our team has designed a new lighter visor that can be produced quickly in larger volumes using simpler processes. In its design, we have considered the quality issues and the important safety factors learned from the certification processes.

Savox has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005, and we aim to provide the best products and services to our customers.



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