26 Apr 2021

Savox Receives A Patent for Innovative Helmet Mounting System

The European Patent Office (EPO) has granted a patent for adaptable mounting system for mounting one or more accessory devices to a helmet. The invention concerns in general the technical field of mounting systems for a helmetespecially a mounting system that is suitable to almost all helmet models. 

Adaptable Helmet Mounting System 

Helmets are a standard piece of equipment utilized as protection in many tactical applications. Lately there has emerged new requirements for helmets to be equipped with further components and devices, such as imaging devices and/or communication devicesHowever, the current solutions for attaching further components or devices to a helmet are typically tailor-made solutions designed for a certain helmet 

Savox’s innovation provides a solution that answers the question of how to provide a helmet mounting system, which is adaptable to various helmetswithout creating a custom system for each individual helmet 

The invention was originally created as a result of development work related to military helmet systems. Though designed initially for tactical purposes, there is nothing preventing it from being applied to other segments as well, such as fire and rescue, industry, etc. Personal protection, communication, sensors, data and power management combined into a functional package are at the core of the invention,” explains Jaakko Havola, Director of Video Product Line.  

Innovation at the Core of Savox  

Savox Communications continues to grow and strengthen its portfolio of products and services. The focus is on providing the best possible communication solutions to satisfied customers across the globe. 

Innovation for new technologies is the core of Savox Communications. Encouraging experimentation within the company provides value and makes us the best possible communication solutions to our customers,” says Sami Paihonen, CTO, Savox Communications 

“Creating and designing new innovations is in the core of what we do. Bringing solutions that are adaptable for various industries from tactical to public safety and industrial application is something we strive to and can be very proud of.”  


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