30 Sep 2021

Savox TRICS and Noise-COM Product Families Are Expanding with TRICS Lite and NOISE-COM 100

Savox Communications presents two new products the SAVOX Noise-COM 100 in-ear headset and TRICS Lite, thus expanding the established TRICS controllers and Noise-COM Headsets product families. The two new additions are designed to improve communications during tactical and public safety operations and enhance the level of situational awareness.

- We have designed TRICS to be a family of rugged communication controllers, with unparalleled performance. After first two generations of TRICS products, we wanted to introduce a product which is aimed for professionals with need for two radios yet having the same powerful controller in their hands. TRICS Lite carries out the software-based approach, where we can utilize software-based updates over the lifecycle, states Savox Communications CTO, Sami Paihonen.

- Noise-COM 100 encapsulates what Savox is about: leading performance with latest technology. We have been meticulous with our product development; therefore, we’ve taken our time in introducing our first in-ear headset, but we wanted to get things right – no compromises, Paihonen continues.



SAVOX TRICS Lite is a lighter version of our successful Tactical Radio and Communications Controller: SAVOX TRICS. SAVOX TRICS Lite is a tactical radio controller in a compact size, which is rugged and durable enough for tactical operations yet lighter within functions compared to SAVOX TRICS.

SAVOX TRICS Lite offers best in class operational usability with its convenient Push-to-talk buttons on each side of the unit, allowing the user to focus 100% on the mission. The mechanical design is solid to withstand even the harshest environments, from extreme cold to highest temperatures. It has been tested against the highest Military grade standards.

Key features:

  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Supports dual channel radios or 2 separate radios
  • 2 buttons for controlling SAVOX Noise-COM 100 hear-through functionality
  • Voice prompted menu for control
  • Powered from radio
  • Alternative powering from internal AAA battery
  • Wireless PTT option
  • IP68


SAVOX Noise-COM 100

Savox Noise-COM 100 in-ear headset

Following SAVOX Noise-COM 200, presented in August 2020, the SAVOX Noise-COM 100 in-ear headset offers discreet and lightweight hearing protection without compromising noise attenuation and sound quality. The in-ear headset is less obtrusive than over the ear headsets and fits better under all kinds of helmets. Due to its flexibility within usability, it is especially suitable for special forces and military alike.

SAVOX Noise-COM 100 offers high quality audio experience, noise attenuation rating of SNR 33dB and level dependent hear-through functionality, when connected to TRICS or TRICS Lite. The headset is tested in extreme environments against MIL-STD-810 standard. It is IP68 rated for dust and water protection and has an operational temperature range from -40°C to +60°C. Noise-COM 100 is connected to TRICS or TRICS Lite with a military grade multi-pin connector.

Key Features:

  • Passive noise cancellation SNR 33dB
  • Excellent hear-though capabilities when connected to TRICS or TRICS Lite
  • Clear communication audio
  • IP68
  • Temp range -40…+60
  • Different earplug sizes (S, M & L)
  • Tested according to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461


From Individual Products to Compatible Systems

The ambition is to move from individual products to complete and compatible systems. Users are always able to find the perfect communication solution for the mission by selecting the right products from Savox product families, whatever the conditions.

- Instead of thinking individual products and expanding that thinking into product family thinking, we can serve wider group of professionals. Product families offer great benefits for end users since they leverage same technology platforms into products which are designed specifically to serve respective professional groups.

Savox TRICS and Noise-COM Products Environment

Together, these two products are perfect examples of the new Savox product family thinking, which leverages new technologies across products and expands Savox portfolio for various end-users.


For more information:

Mikko Blomqvist
VP, Products, Savox Communications
+358 44 346 1279

Sami Paihonen
CTO, Savox Communications
+358 50 502 1111

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