01 Jun 2021

Silenta Will Merge With Savox During 2021 & Continue as a Product Brand

Silenta Group Oy will merge with Savox Communications Group during 2021. However, the successful Silenta brand will not disappear, but will continue to exist as a product brand.

Silenta Group Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of hearing protectors. With 50 years of experience, the company manufactures and develops reliable and comfortable hearing protectors for the needs of industry, military, and leisure. Silenta's most important product families are passive hearing protectors, communication hearing protectors and children's hearing protectors.

Silenta has been part of the Savox Communications Group since 2018. The aim of the acquisition was to take Savox's business to new heights, strengthening Savox's hearing protection expertise and Silenta, in turn, to increase its hearing protection portfolio with Savox's communication expertise. The merger in 2021 is a continuation and strengthening of these goals.

The goal of the merger is to streamline and simplify operations by moving operations under a single Savox brand.

"For us at Savox reliability and quality in operations are extremely important qualities. The goal of this merger is to enforce and strengthen these qualities without losing the highly valued Silenta brand or it's significant history. We are proud of Silenta and excited to continue the brands journey as a product brand,” explains  Jerry Kettunen, CEO, Savox Communications.

The Silenta brand continues to exist as a product brand. Silenta is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hearing protectors, whose products are known worldwide. The brand name is valuable in the hearing protection market due to both its expertise and history, which is not to be abandoned.

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