11 Jan 2021

Savox Teams Up with Annimari Korte and Samuli Samuelsson to Highlight Common Values

Savox has started cooperation with two top Finnish athletes Annimari Korte and Samuli Samuelsson with the goal to highlight Savox values internally and externally.

Savox has signed a yearlong cooperation contract with Finnish athletes Annimari Korte and Samuli SamuelssonAnnimari Korte is the Finnish national record holder and national champion in 100m hurdles. She was also nominated as the Most Positive Finn in 2020Samuli Samuelsson is a Finnish sprinter running 100- and 200-meter sprinting events. He won the bronze medal at the 2017 European U23 Championships in Bydgoszcz. 

The cooperation idea originally began from some interactions between Savox and Samuli Samuelsson team. Janne Pöllänen from Savox wanted to include Annimari Korte to the cooperation and reached out to her on social media.  

- We stated forming a vision of some sort of cooperation after realizing how similar our values were. We were already in touch with Samuli’s team and got the idea of reaching out to Annimari. I’d heard her impressive career story and believed it to be exceptionally inspirational, says Janne Pöllänen, Vice President, New Business and Key Account Manager 

What Savox and these athletes have in common, are values. Even though Savox is a critical communications company creating rugged communications products and systems, and not for example a sports equipment manufacturer, what unites them is their values. Annimari Korte and Samuli Samuelsson, are full of determination and positive energy, and they know how to portray it.  

- After an exceptional year of 2020 we believe in our values more than ever, and this cooperation is all about emphasizing these values. Savox values are trust, cooperation, perseverance and innovation. The reason we’ve teamed up with Annimari and Samuli is because they share these values within their profession, explains Savox Communications CEO, Jerry Kettunen 

Savox will utilize this new cooperation in an internal campaign and other communications activities. The primary goal is to inspire Savox personnel through series of various content that explains our values through two successful athletes’ perspective.  

- Our values are important for us professionally. We as a team of course as work according to them, but also it’s how we develop our products. Savox products are designed for critical environments, therefore they need to be trustworthy, durable and high tech. That is why, it is important for us to highlight our values both internally and externally.  

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For more information regarding the cooperation contact:  

Janne Pöllänen 
Vice President, New Business and Key Account Management 

Jerry Kettunen 
CEO, Savox Communications
+358 400444615

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