08 Aug 2022

Savox is one of the members of the 120M € HiCONNECTS project

Savox brings solutions developed to enhance operational capability with Wildfire scenarios visible to firefighters. The chain of command will be operational also without commercial 4G/5G network services.

The main internal objectives for Savox are the demonstration of a vehicle router that works as a gateway between different communication networks. Savox implements a router utilizing HiCONNECTS communication components to simultaneously enable live transmission of several real-time video feeds. Savox demonstrates new generation team communication devices with data capability, transfers sensor data from firefighters, and transmits that to command center existing the situational awareness information.

At the heart of the HiCONNECTS project is Heterogeneous Integration (HI) technology, where previously separate processors, memory circuits, sensors, and optoelectronics are integrated into the same circuit solution by bonding and building interacting layers on top of each other. It results in higher transmission and processing power, shorter delays, and better efficiency. Acting as the country coordinator, Centria R&D, together with Savox Oy and Softability Oy, are implementing a forest fire official demonstration.

The project consortium includes 64 operators from 14 different countries. With this consortium, we can genuinely move technology forward in the entire value chain. The Finnish consortium's role is to demonstrate new solutions under demanding operating conditions. The project is for three years and will start at the beginning of 2023. The EU finances the project, and the budget is 120 million euros. NXP leads the consortium from Germany.

Savox also studies opportunities to create a personal communication hub with Edge computing capabilities based on Savox team communication and enhanced with HiCONNECTS components to have capability to transfer biometric sensor data from firefighters to command center. Savox is also learning how Augmented Reality in the form of Spatial Audio improves firefighters’ situational awareness. Firefighters encounter complex, degraded, and even frightening visual environments where it’s easy to get confused and not to be able to orient themselves efficiently.

Adding audible situational awareness reduces the time needed for observation and orientation and thus increases the quality of decisions and actions. For Savox HiCONNECTS project gives an excellent opportunity to accelerate the technology development of the Search and Rescue product portfolio. New HiCONNECTS technologies can be seen as evolution and a revolution, enabling AI-aided decision making and high bandwidth private communication networks.

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