25 Aug 2020

Savox Donated Protective Face Visors for High School Teachers in Finland

Savox Communications has donated Silenta XM4 protective face visors for the teachers of Sibelius Upper Secondary School for protection against infections.  

The school year has begun in Finland, which means that students and faculty members are daily in a shared environmentSince teachers are in contact with multiple student groups during the day, they are exposed to potential infections. Therefore, protection for teachers is paramount. Savox has donated individually adjustable face visors for Sibelius Upper Secondary School teachers for protection against diseases carried through droplets 

“Teachers do important work in our society, and we wanted to show our support by donating Silenta XM4 face shields for schoolteachers to protect against potential droplet infections,” says Jerry Kettunen, CEO of Savox. 

Positive Reception from Teachers 

The teachers of Sibelius High School had a positive attitude towards the new face shields. As soon as the protective gear arrived at the school, everyone was ready to put on their own visor. 

Marja Mela, a lecturer at Sibelius High School, was among the first to test the visor during teaching. Mela liked that the visor extended from both the front and sides to the front of the face. In addition, the visor is far enough away from the face so that eyeglasses comfortable to wear. 

Feedback from the teachers is valuable to Savox. 

“At Savox, we continuously develop our products, thus development suggestions are very much welcomedReceiving feedback from the teachers on how the Silenta XM4 face shield has worked during teaching is especially important,” says Jaakko Havola, Savox's product line manager.  


Silenta XM4 Face Shield designed for Long-term Use 

The Silenta XM4 face shield model donated to Sibelius High School teachers is designed for long-term use. The face shield has an adjustable and padded headband to make the visor comfortable to wear and suitable for different users. The Silenta XM4 face shield can be washed with soapy water, but the visor can also be replaced if necessary. 

Silenta XM4 face shield has been tested according to EN 166: 2002. It is approved in accordance with Personal Protection Regulation 2016/425 (EU) and Directive 2001/95 / EC. 


For more information: 
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