08 Apr 2019

Savox Communications appoints Sami Paihonen as CTO

Sami Paihonen has been appointed CTO to lead Savox’s technology and business development with immediate effect. In line with Savox's strategy for 2022 focusing on situational awareness, Paihonen will concentrate on future technologies and platforms.

In the past couple of years, Savox has doubled its revenue, reaching almost 40 million euros in 2018. Paihonen will join this successful journey by developing Savox’s business and contributing with his strong experience to create “game changing” smart technology solutions to keep people safe at work.

Paihonen joins Savox after running Savox Ventures as Senior Advisor.

”I have followed Savox for 9 months now and participated in many initiatives to learn and support the company in moving forward. It goes without saying that I am very positive about Savox’s future and proud to be joining this team now – looking forward to this journey!” Paihonen said.

Paihonen is a graduate (M.Sc.) of University of Oulu, where he studied Work Sciences. Before Savox Ventures, he has served in various positions at Digitalist Group Plc. (former Ixonos Plc) such as CEO and President of Digitalist Group Plc (former Ixonos), heading Ixonos/Digitalist Group’s North America operations twice and establishing a Design business unit for the company. Prior to this, he worked in South Korea at Samsung as Director for Mobile User Experience Design and Strategy. In addition to these, he had a 10-year career at Nokia in its various units, including leading the Nokia Services & Solutions UX unit as well as Nokia’s Solution Creation and Delivery UI in Finland.

Paihonen will be based in Espoo, Finland, reporting to Jerry Kettunen. Accordingly, the Management Group, effective as of 1 April 2019, consists of the following members: Jerry Kettunen, Mikko Wartiovaara, Terhi Rantala, Henrik Aure and Sami Paihonen.

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