22 Feb 2021

Noise-COM 200, Hearing Protection Headset for Critical Missions

Savox Communications announces its new product, the SAVOX Noise-COM 200, a high-class hearing protection headset for clear critical communication and situational awareness in most demanding operations and toughest environments.

SAVOX Noise-COM 200 Headset

SAVOX Noise-COM 200 headset is developed to protect hearing of professionals working in critical missions where high-level noises are inevitable. The headset is specifically designed for police, fire & rescue and military personnel and efficiently protects against extreme environmental sounds present during demanding tasks from everyday noises to gun shots, sirens and other high-level noises, while still enhancing situational awareness to the maximum.

Noise-COM 200 makes no compromises on situational awareness. During mission critical operations, the team members need to be able to understand speech, localize where sounds are coming from and be able to respond according to dynamic, changing situations. Noise-COM 200’s exceptional super hearing function enhances low and muffled sounds while still reducing loud noises. In addition, due to its excellent hear-through capabilities, Noise-COM 200 allows the user to locate the sound direction while offering the best in-class user experience. 

Complimentary Member to Savox Product Family

The new headset compliments perfectly Savox product family. It provides an opportunity for the company to offer an even more holistic selection of products and systems for its customers around the world.

“SAVOX Noise-COM 200 is a new product of the highest quality which after three years of relentless product development is finally ready to step into spotlight in critical communications segment. It paves way to next generation critical communication product family which sets the new standard for communication headsets, offering first class performance and outstanding user experience without comprise”, Sami Paihonen, CTO Savox Communications, says.

The Savox Noise-COM 200 is developed to meet the current and future requirements of hearing protection devices. Compared to previous models it has significantly improved passive hearing protection capabilities, audio characteristics, user experience and durability. It can be used in the harshest conditions, from freezing temperatures to high heat and moisture. The headset can also be submerged in water without damaging the electronics or audio components.

Individual User Experience of High Importance

Individual user experience has been a key factor with the design and functionalities. The headset is extremely light and comfortable to wear. Multiple headband options provide the ability to choose the most suitable head support when worn with or without a helmet. Audio settings can be controlled and adjusted for individual preferences. The headset also offers several communication microphone options, which is perfect for usage and hygiene purposes.




Weight: 320 g without communication microphone and batteries

Hear Through Capabilities

SNR 28 dB

Excellent Passive Noise Attenuation

NRR 23 dB

Comfortable Design

4 Communication microphone options

User changeable Communications Microphone

Operational temperature -40...+60°C

Neck Band, Head Band and Helmet attachment options

MIL-STD-810 G tested

Voice Prompted Menu

Operational time ~250 Hours



More Information:

Sami Paihonen, CTO, Savox Communications  
+358 50 502 1111, sami.paihonen@savox.com  

Mikko Blomqvist, Product Line Manager, Savox Communications 
+358  44 346 1279, mikko.blomqvist@savox.com 

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