11 Sep 2020

Savox & Dräger Work Together to Give Emergency Responders a Voice

Dräger is an international corporation that has worked with medical and safety technology since 1889. Their solutions are used in fire services, chemical industry and hospitals to name a few. Savox Communications provides Dräger with integrated communication products, such as audio technology for firefighters' helmets.

Alexander Knapp works as the Global Product Manager at Dräger and is very passionate about his work. His responsibilities include handling a portfolio of different communication products and enhancing the products based on user experiences and wishes coming directly from the field.

Alexander Knapp from Dräger holding a helmet and Savox headset

– We need to be very reliable and professional in everything we do, because our clients trust us, our products and our technology with the most valuable thing there is – their lives, Knapp explains the importance of his work.

"They immediately came up with a new prototype" 

Knapp's work includes visiting the clients to get their hands-on experiences and opinions with new prototypes. One time, Knapp and a customer were doing some field testing on a new product and they noticed an issue with it.

– When I left from the client, I called Savox right away to let them know that there's an issue we need to deal with. They immediately came up with a new prototype and I took it back to the client for another test. The client was very happy at the end, because all the issues were now fixed, Knapp says.

Dräger and Savox work as a team

Being user-focused is a key element to Dräger's business, as their products are often used in very challenging conditions where malfunctions aren't an option.

– We need partners with high standards both in quality and reliability. They need to be agile and ready to react quickly to any alteration wishes coming from customers. We need to work as a team to be able to provide the end users with the special requirements they have, Knapp states.

Working with Savox Communications has taught Knapp that giving honest and sometimes even critical feedback will lead to the best overall results and customer satisfaction.

– We have a key account manager at Savox Communications who takes care of all of our questions professionally and reliably. Savox Communications is an important partner for Dräger, he concludes.