21 Jul 2016

XG C-C1 Remote Speaker Mic SurvivesThrough Fire and Flood

Submersed for 6 hours and High Temperature Tested at 520F for 5 minutes.

cc1_waterdropOur Tests
Not only did we subject the the XG C-C1 to high temperature testing of 520F for over 5 minutes, but we also submersed the XG C-C1 in one foot of water for 6 hours and successfully transmitted underwater to the Delsar search and rescue probe.
These tests show that the XG C-C1* is one of the most robust fire speaker microphones in the market AND the only dual mode RSM/PTT radio accessory tested to exceed future industry requirements.

New Hydrophobic Design - The newly redesigned microphone aperture minimizes surface tension so water is repelled from the mic aperture. 





Redesigned Headset Interface - A new high tolerance headset socket as well as high temperature silicon plugs. 

  • 2W speaker output
  • Upgraded circuit board
  • Improved audio output
  • New silicone plugs for higher temperatures

Rigorous testing and manufacturing processes by Savox ensure that in fire and emergency conditions you still have communications with your team. We keep our promise to you that You’re Never Alone.


For more information on the Savox C-C1 remote speaker microphone or other Savox radio accessories, visit www.savox.com or contact your Sales Representative.

*Rated Ingress Protection of IP67 and MIL-STD-810G, procedure 1 and recommended operational temperatures from-40C to +85°C